About Us

Mission Statement

To dynamically develop and operate hotels so that our guests enjoy pleasant moments and build great memories of their stays at our properties.


In 2020 We are a reference as a company that enhances the hospitality industry development in México, where our people make the difference every day.

We seek to be a highly competitive company that helps its collaborators reach their full potential, and is socially responsible with the community around.


  • Professionalism. 
  • Team work.
  • Innovation and creation.
  • Integrity.
  • Profitability. 

Grupo Gacoba is a hotel operations management company where we commit our know-how, human talent, tools and systems to guarantee the ROI maximization of the hotel infrastructure we own or operate. We have proved experience in managing hotel openings, brand conversions, privately owned brands and hotel chain brands.

Our strong and consolidated team accomplishes the implementation of efficient processes and productive systems that ensure the repeatability of our daily operations with the quality highest standards for the hospitality industry, which guarantee the creation of satisfactory experiences for our guests, enhancing their success in their stay.

In Grupo Gacoba we privilege the value of logistics in the hotel industry that is why our services are based on a deep analysis of the supply chain in each property we operate. Determining the critical path of our operations, considering the prevailing market conditions where our properties participate.

Strategic Planning

In Grupo Gacoba we consider the strategic planning as a tool to achieve the maximization of profits. We rely on our financial management specialists that align and facilitate the understanding of the financial results and tailor success indexes for each of our properties.

Our management platform differentiates us from our competitors and it is a strategic source to create value to the properties we operate, own or manage. This platform is formed by:

  • Quality management system. Allowing us to repeat satisfactory experiences.
  • Staffing and training. Fueling the team of energy, effort and commitment to reach our goals.
  • Technology (equipment and system). Allowing us to increase the operations’ efficiency.
  • Distribution channels. Enhancing the properties’ occupation, maximizing revenue, increasing our presence in the origin market.

Services: Hotel Operations. Our team of specialists in each area of the hotel operations provides support according to each property needs. They extend an operative diagnostic of the key hotel areas such as: technology and systems, maintenance, human resources, food and beverage, and guest service.  And recommend action plans to conform an operations model that could exceed guest’s expectations.

Current Gacoba Group Projects

The hospitality industry dynamics challenges us to become more competitive. Any player of the industry who wants to be successful should meet the changing needs of the customers and the general market.

In Grupo Gacoba we respond to the market demand existing in the market of business hospitality that is why we work intensively to ensure that our guests’ stays are satisfactory so they come back to our properties. We believe on the wealth of our Mexico, so that we invite businessmen to enjoy the marvelous treasures our country has reserved for them and we continue growing in the national territory.